Kitchen Sync Ep. 79 | Love Fed New Haven


On this episode, host Lucy Gellman talks to Raven Blake and Dishaun Harris (Native Praxis) about the upcoming launch of their new organization, Love Fed New Haven. The three talk about making personal gardens accessible to all New Haveners, the importance of reclaiming one's health, and the social imbalance that comes from well-meaning white people running nonprofits.

Kitchen Sync Ep. 75 | Food Rescue U.S.

Did you know that the U.S. throws away 40 percent of its food supply each year? Or that that food comes at a cost of $165 million? Or that it could be going to the one in five kids who don't have enough to eat on a daily basis? 

Across the country, an organization called Food Rescue U.S. is trying to spread that knowledge—and change that narrative. Each week, it pairs hundreds of donors—institutions, restaurants, and grocery stores that have excess food—with the people and places that need them. On this episode of Kitchen Sync, host Lucy Gellman talks to Lori Martin, New Haven site director for Food Rescue U.S. To find out more about the organization, listen to this episode!