Episode 44: Food Insecurity & Our Elections

On this episode, host Lucy Gellman talks to Lucy Nolan, Executive Director of End Hunger Connecticut, and fellow WNHH host Babz Rawls-Ivy, editor of the Inner-City News CT, about food insecurity, national politics, and how local and national elections affect the allocation of federal funds to social benefits.

Episode 43: Nadine Nelson's Harvest Mandalas

On this episode, host and WNHH Station Manager Lucy Gellman talks to chef, activist and Global Local Goumet Guru Nadine Nelson about her upcoming "Harvest Mandalas" project, part of City Wide Open Studios' traveling artists weekend on Oct. 22 and 23 in New Haven, CT.

Episode 4: New Haven Farms


On this episode of Kitchen Sync, Lucy Gellman sits down with James Jenkins and Jacqueline Maisonpierre, Executive Director and Farms Manager at New Haven Farms, to talk about the city's "Health in Your Hands" campaign and how it ties into NHF's farm-based wellness program.